Interested in volunteering?

Contact us to find out more about how you can participate. Thanks for Volunteering this season! We can’t SWIM without you!

Oak Ridge Swim Team Volunteer Positions

Our ORCA’s depend on volunteers to help make our swim season run smooth. “MANY HANDS MAKE LIGHT WORK.” We ask that all families contribute as a volunteer at every swim meet. Here are ways that you can help:

  • Timers: (18 per meet) Responsible for managing a stopwatch and recording times for the swimmer in your lane (no training required).
  • ORCA Tank: (4 per meet) Responsible for escorting swimmers to Clerk of Course (no training required).
  • Clerk of Course: (4 per meet) Responsible for escorting swimmers to the starting block (no training required).
  • Runners: (2 per meet) Responsible for collecting Timesheets and DQ slips and taking them to the designated areas (no training required).
  • Hospitality: (2 per meet) Responsible for providing beverages and snacks to volunteers and judges (no training required).
  • Computer Input: (4 per meet)Responsible for entering swimmers’ times into computer database (no training required).
  • Judge – Starter/Referee: (4 per meet) Responsible for administration of the swim meet and for making technical decisions (must attend training).
  • Judge – Stroke and Turn Judge: (4 per meet) Responsible for recording illegal moves on a stroke, then reporting to the referee (must attend training).
  • City Meet Volunteers: Tent Parents, Timers, Clerk of Course are some of the volunteer positions for City Meet. (more information will be provided closer to City Meet date).
  • Special Event Volunteers: Support is also needed for the following special events: Luau for Life-Swim for Cancer Fundraiser and Awards Banquet.

Oak Ridge Swim Team Volunteer Junior Coach

The Oak Ridge Swim Team is seeking a few junior coaches to assist the coaching staff with daily practices and swim meets. This is a great opportunity for swimmers interested in one day being a park of the Oak Ridge Swim Team Staff. This position is offered to Oak Ridge swimmers who have been part of the team for at least one year and are between the ages of 14 and 18.

Job Description
We are looking for junior coaches with a passion for swimming and with great team spirit. They must be good role models with good attitudes. They need to willing and AVAILABLE to help coaches with daily set up and break down of practices and swim meets.

  • Must attend practices and all swim meets if possible
  • Arrive 15 minutes before practice starts to help set up the pool
  • Assist coaches with practice, be a demonstration when asked (will be required to get in the pool)
  • Uphold team values and manage oneself properly away from the pool and on social networks
  • Attend all team events if possible
  • Help with swimmers 10 years and under during swim meets