1. Water Polo Rules

  1. * Nets must be placed in designated areas. To check out a net, take your badge to the desk.  The staff member at the desk will decide if pool conditions are appropriate for play.

* Rough play will not be tolerated.

* When throwing the ball, use control.  Excessively hard throws will not be tolerated.

  1. * You may pass the ball to a teammate or shoot it at the goal.  Throwing the ball at a person with the intention of hitting them will not be tolerated.

* The person who checked out the net is responsible for moving it back to the fence where nets are kept, and reporting back to the front desk so that the nets can be put away.

* The staff will stop any games that are too rough for pool conditions.

  1. * Members are urged to make immediate complaints to the nearest staff member if they feel that a game or player is out of control.  Remember that the staff has to watch areas other than the water polo game.

* Remember that our goal for the pool is to be a relaxing and enjoyable place for all our members.  Give us a chance to respond to your complaints before discussing them with your friends on the deck.  Thank you.

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